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Posted by Ann Conner on Mar 12, 2020 11:22:10 AM
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The expanding Coronavirus (COVID-19) global crisis has governments, companies and people implementing plans to respond, meanwhile, governments and businesses still must run, and people still need to lead their lives.  At Harbor Clinical, we’re prepared for events like this by having effective plans to work remotely in place. 

Most every service we offer – from Quality Assurance, Medical Writing, Vendor Oversight, Clinical Operations, Regulatory, Strategic Development and Biometrics can be provided as a remote service.   Our teams of resources are fully prepared to be able to conduct their work without travel, saving you time, money and allowing you to make your own company’s preparations to safeguard your employees during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Using the example of an audit, we provide remote auditing services without the need for travel.  To do this we utilize:

  • A comprehensive audit plan that is customized to your audit
  • Secure collaboration and data sharing, including secure file transfers, desktop sharing technology and secure portals to access site and vendor data
  • Video and telepresence technology to conduct video tours and video interviews instead of conducting them in-person.

We never discount the value of in-person audits or site visits, but as they say on Broadway, ”the show must go on,” and your clinical trials must go forward without delay given their crucial value to your company’s goals, and more importantly, to the patients enrolled in your studies.

Harbor Clinical routinely provides remote services, which is why, with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) concern, we’re prepared now. 

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Harbor Clinical provides clinical trial services across key functional areas. With a core focus on quality assurance and medical writing, our approach is unique in the way we sync our QA expertise to ensure compliance at every level.  Everyone understands the role they play and their impact on product development from a regulatory perspective.  This approach lowers the risk for our clients allowing us to bring projects to completion quickly and with no surprises. 

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